juicing an orange – how to

A quick and easy demo on making orange juice. It's pretty easy.

#1: All the equipment in place.

Juicing an Orange

#2: Cut 'em up.

Juicing an Orange

#3: Spin 'em right 'round, like a record baby.

Juicing an Orange

#4: Drink it.

Juicing an Orange

9 responses to “juicing an orange – how to

  1. Twistin' by the pool orange tree!

  2. Somewhere there seems to be a twist of lemon added. :DSelf made oj is the best, really. :up:

  3. The oranges were organic to boot! After drinking something so healthy, it's best to have a smoke afterwards.

  4. :lol:I usually have a shot of vodka afterwards.

  5. What a tutorial David! Next time pls tell us how to make mango juice. Or pineapple juice.

  6. Hmmmmm! Wonder what you mean. 😉 I love bananas. It's a perfect fruit. Comes ready to eat in its own convenient holster.Wonder how you juuce 'em? It seems like they would be very pulpy.

  7. Hello ManiDhillon!Yes, I should do the others, too. Oranges are so easy and fast. I can work with a pineapple all day and never get it cut correctly. Mangos are yummy, but sometimes so messy. Apples, well apple juice looks too much like urine, though some people might like that. :yikes: 😆 Carrot juice is good, though it really takes a machine to get the juice out of those babies.

  8. ANyway you forget to mention juice of Bananas although it doesn't look like juice!!:lol: 😆

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