our 1961 avion travel trailer

This is the front of the road slave that we towed to the Burning Man festival in Nevada in 2004. Round-trip from our home to there and back is about 5,300 miles (8,530 km). We'll be prepping her all summer to make the trip again this fall to Burning Man 2009!

4 responses to “our 1961 avion travel trailer

  1. Groovy…..You have kept it well…

  2. That is a mighty nice model.So, recapturing, you are taking time off from your work, spend a massive amount of your spare time prepping the trailer, then drive the odd 2,700 miles to … work some more? :lol:Have a good time prepping and restoring as well as later this year on the burning man festival. :up:

  3. Your recap is pretty good. Actually the work at burningman isn't that much, and what there is, it's "fun" work. It's each person's decision as to how involved to be. The trip out is very nice. We take 5 days each way but it can be done in a day or two less, if necessary. We park overnight at each stop at either a truckstop or a Wal-Mart Supercenter. I'm no fan of Wal-Mart, but they let RV'ers (RV= recreational vehicle) park at the Supercenters overnight because they do a good business from them, plus the parking lots are usually safe-looking, well lighted, and there are cameras. At truckstops we park right up front near the store where people can see us. Unfortunately it's quite noisy, but I have lots of earplugs. The worst place to park overnight would be a rest area by the interstate highway. They border on being dens of theft and robbery.Once we get about halfway across the country, like central Kansas, the scenery is great.

  4. Yes I think so, it must be gat to live in such a wide country with so much variation.It takes about two hours to drive through my country, if you refrain from speeding, that is.

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