leap second to be added at end of year

The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service has announced that a leap second will be added on December 31, 2008 at 23h 59m 60s, meaning that this year will be exactly one second longer.

I've had it with this short notice. I'm not at all ready. 😡


Being a bit of a time freak, I don't know how this one got by me. 😦

I went to a geek New Year's Eve party many years ago, and just before midnight we tuned in the shortwave radio timekeeping station, WWV to listen to the extra second and all shouted "hooray" when it happened. My, how I have changed since then. 😀 Most of us had Ham Radio licenses at the time, and after getting buzzed, we illegally tuned up a CB Radio running almost a kilowatt to be a bunch of meanies. I guess radio fun led naturally into net and computer weirdness for me later on in life.

8 responses to “leap second to be added at end of year

  1. So uhm…… A second here–A minute there–There a second–Here a Minute–Time changes in Spring and Fall…….. Any reason??? Oh so we can save energy and stuffs…… bleh…….I'm a time freak…… I have to know what time it is…. I have about 10 clocks in my house ….. Ok really only about 4 but still……Used to drive my parents nuts with "What time is it?" Now I can pretty well guess the time within 5 minutes if my body clock is working right….Huggles,Taz

  2. lol…u will work it out in "time"….lol

  3. How are we going to handle the extra second in some legacy systems without NTP synchronization?

  4. You know, if you went looking for as big a flop year as 2008, you wouldnt find one.The year was so bad that it should have been terminated at September or October…..And what'd they do? added a second to it :ugh:

  5. this was definitely one of the worst years i have ever lived through, and my lady friend would have to agree with that as well. she has had a total of 7 funerals so far this year in her family…UGHtalk about bad years, that takes the cake

  6. I have a clock in my bedroom which is currently displaying the time in Unix time, which ignores leap seconds, but I can never tell what time it is. It also is displaying the time in Roman numerals, in which the leap second will be included. The Roman numerals are just there for coolness, but they slow me down some. All that add/subtract stuff.

  7. That is one cool clock. I made a binary clock once, for an electronics project. Its accuracy varies with temperature 😛

  8. Originally posted by shaunak:

    I made a binary clock once, for an electronics project. Its accuracy varies with temperature

    In- and outside time? :pActually I just learned about the extra second on yesterdays evening news broadcast.Apparently there exists a group of gmt fans that oppose tothe existing solution to the ime problem.Djeez, if I knew I had some extra time left I could have easily postponed some stuff.

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