we are being watched like a hawk

Get the children, kittens, and Chihuahuas indoors because this is stalking the neighborhood.

Reedplayernc caught this Red-shouldered hawk on his camera today after first spotting it while walking the dog. When we're not downloading stuff, we sometimes like bird watching. 😀

Birds often look so extraterrestrial.

The image is clickable for greater detail. Select "all sizes" after landing on the flickr page.

Red-shouldered Hawk

4 responses to “we are being watched like a hawk

  1. Very nice pic……..I used to have parakeets……. I taught one to talk…… Back in the day before I became …….Uhm grown up with kids so I can't tell ya what I taught Petey Bird to say :insane: Huggles,Taz

  2. cool

  3. we sometimes like bird watching.

    This is Numero Uno on the list of statements that can cause misunderstandings….. if you know what I mean…. :devil:http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=rBb5y8IHAtE

  4. Wow Shaunak, that Andy Williams video caused a major flashback for me.When I was little during the 1960's, our house had an AM radio and intercom system with a master unit in the den, and satellite speakers in each room. I think these systems were the rage back then. I don't remember anyone who had an FM unit back then, but the mono-AM still provided rich smooth bass and decent sound. You could even throw the little switches on the unit and speak back and forth to each room. Kind of techie for back then. I remember my dad always replacing the vacuum tubes that were inside of it.Anyway, in the mornings, my dad would switch it on to the local AM station to wake us up for school. He'd crank it up so the whole house would be booming. That Andy Williams song would come on sometimes. If that didn't get us moving, he'd put it in intercom mode and start yelling for us to get up. It was a good memory. Thanks!It looked something like this. It was powerful, too. Boom boom!:

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