another healthy breakfast

The other morning I had this healthy breakfast of coffee, 3-egg omlette, and a brownie.

This morning was my easy yogurt shake.

  • Scoop a lot of non-fat plain yogurt into a blender.
  • Drop in a banana.
  • Squeeze in a bunch of honey.
  • Pour in some soymilk and orange juice.
  • Couple of teaspoons of bee pollen.

Whip it up and gulp the mother down!

If this is too healthy, have a Big Mac and a cigarette later.

2 responses to “another healthy breakfast

  1. Uhm…… Don't mind healthy and it sounded good till the soymilk and then bee pollen :yuck: So I'll stick with my coffee and my smokes :devil: Huggles,Taz

  2. ­čść ­čśÇ mornin'

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