a phobia

An irrational fear of running out of toilet paper.

Toilet Paper

7 responses to “a phobia

  1. 1000 sheets per roll! There is none better. 😀 The cheap brands have almost no paper on the roll and are fluffed-up to look larger. It would be possible to use the entire roll in just a couple of "sessions".

  2. 😀 We in India use only water and soap,you know.

  3. These things are so fundamental and learned from such an early age, that it's very hard to go somewhere where it is different like that, even if you know it's ok.I go to Mexico a lot, and there the seat is usually missing off the toilet, and it's custom to put the paper in a basket beside the toilet instead of in it. Not a biggie after a few times, but still gives pause.I was on a bus years ago going to Mexico City, and we stopped in the middle of the night in a small town for a bathroom break. The entrance to the bathroom was blocked by a person with a tray with little squares of toilet paper on it for sale (or for a tip). I wanted to say, "I'll take 6 of those entire trays." From that moment on, an essential part of my baggage was my very own roll.

  4. Originally posted by pthhieubilly:

    My mom has a store of toilet paper

    I will have to meet her one day. 😀

  5. My mom has a store of toilet paper, so I don't have this phobia 😀

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