too bad he can duck so fast

He's a fast *ucker (ducker)!

11 responses to “too bad he can duck so fast

  1. He knows how to handle unexpected situations 😉

  2. It's sad, pathetic, and thrilling, all at the same time.

  3. Shoes will probably be prohibited in all press conferences from now on.I think the man who threw the shoes should be jailed. About 10 minutes should be fair. No, 15 minutes, it was 2 shoes. But he gets a television, a snack, and a 7-Up……..and a pack of cigarettes. :devil:

  4. Wonder what brand the shoes were…. Imm buying a dozen…. :)PS: This is another example of news-makers making news 😛 !

  5. He's been an agile and nimble president. Hardly any trouble at all!Nouri al-Maliki on right, Bush's left, looks calm and cool. I think he's played some ball before.

  6. The man's called a hero already. Btw nice status :left:It's an eyecatcher, no need to know more 😆

  7. I saw in local news that several lawyers offered their services to make the defense of this hero-guy 😉

  8. Btw nice status

    If I ever do drag, my name will be "Flatúlia del Río".

  9. By the 3rd round I got pretty good!

  10. For Godsake!! How on earth could he be so fast to avoid the shoe??? Damn it!!!

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