this morning’s file sharing on the torrent

I like to get up in the morning and see a nice list of countries downloading a file I'm sharing on BitTorrent. It feels good to share, especially when it doesn't cost you nuttin'. 😀

I only share legal files, like music licensed under Creative Commons, or Linux iso's licensed under the GPL. I don't "keep it legal" out of any sense of morality. If I want something else, I know how to get it, though I've never done such a thing.

The Linux iso I'm sharing is one I got via bittorrent. It was about 700 MB in size, and I've sent back out over 12 GB. My ISP will try to hurt me one day, I suppose. :p

I enjoy using an operating system that was written by people all over the world, and was assembled by bittorrent from all over the world for my download. It's really world-class fun to use, too!

26 responses to “this morning’s file sharing on the torrent

  1. :happy:No more words needed!

  2. Linux was born on and was such a child of the Internet, that it seems so natural to download it from and use it on the net. Sometimes I still can't believe that such a thing is free (both meanings), is just a download away, and provides *so* much pleasure. 🙂 Years ago when I had dialup, I used to buy the Linux CD's for about $2 online, or sometimes I could get one for free on the back of a magazine, or from a users group. How could such a thing be any good at all when they just give it away? 😉

  3. I still wonder that… and I really can find no answer. Being a programmer (wannabe) myself, I do hugely admire the amount of work there is in most of the software that builds any linux distribution, because behind all this there is not only code, or a simple text file, but a huge process of design, analisys and HUGE amount of time typing and coding, besides other also important stuff.Now, with internet you just start downloading, wait for a couple of hours and you have all that work in your fingertips… it is amazing.Thanks for sharing! 😉

  4. Now, with internet you just start downloading, wait for a couple of hours

    OMG your net is SLOW! kidding. lol. 😀 :p I don't even know how long it is to fetch in a distro. I always forget to look. For some reason it's not showing in my download history. 😦

  5. It IS slow.The best end-user-like broadband connection you can get is 4Mbps. And that's expensive! Average user buys 1Mbps, but there are also 512kbps and 700kbps plans, which do not really differ much in price with the 1Mbps connection.Unfortunately our country investment in science and technology is… stupid.

  6. Indeed. I have been always happy with my crappy connection just because it is a fixed monthly payment 😛 I started with 128kbps… and I downloaded full Debian Etch (20-something CD's!)

  7. 1Mbps will do. I know you wish it was more without having to be so expensive, but it will do. It has to!Anything is better than having to listen to a modem squeal and struggle over an audio phone line.When I'm in a place that I have to use dialup these days, I turn off the graphics completely.

  8. IMHO Linux is an example of endless excuses for failure and how people can't work together.

  9. Why do you call it a failure? They give out full featured OS'es for absolutely nothing….Not to mention powerful software to match…

  10. Because the whole Linux ecosystem is nonsense.Like having tons of desktop environments or software that do the same thing in a slightly different (lame) way then lacking the basic stuff. Like an update that kills the system because an error in a text file somewhere. Like to run Gimp over KDE you need to install the whole GNOME and vice versa. Like you can't install a software on your system because there isn't a port for your distro or there is a port but it isn't for your distro exact version so you get library errors. I could go on for ages. Linux is about freedom to choose but you can choose only among different flavors of crap.And all this is not because of too few human resources. It is because people can't agree even on the very basic ideas and every programmer out there keeps re-inventing the wheel over and over.Edit: Let me add that the "but it is free" is the usual excuse for not being able to do any better.

  11. Each to his own, I guess.

  12. I personally do not find anything wrong with reinventing the wheel. On the contrary, I find it very amusing.Some need a rough wheel. Other need it smooth. Some want it made out of wood. Others want it made out of wood, but reinforced with iron. Some need it made of plastic, others need it filled with nitrogen.All of those type of wheels exist because there is nothing like a 'very basic idea', and that's the same speech as why there is not a single 'truth'. Different people, different views, therefore different needs.

  13. Man, this is one of the most stupid things I've ever read.

  14. The general reason is the obvious consideration that if people were really interested in re-inventing the wheel computers would not exist and we were still living in mud huts. Fortunately things move on.About you, it is quite fun to read you believe there is somebody who needs a "rough" wheel instead of a "smooth" one, like it makes sense. Why not a squared wheel then? This is not only stupid, it is masochistic. It is like those geniuses who insist that Linux should not have a desktop because you only need the shell to use a computer.

  15. It is just how evolution is made. Experimenting. Some distros are more successful than others, just as some species survived the test of time and some didn't.You might think you have some answers now, but you cannot be really sure, like 'no one needs a rough wheel', but there are some applications for it, e.g. analyzing data for making a smoother one.I still do not see nothing stupid in my comment, besides expecting you to be a little bit more respectful to others way of thinking.

  16. You are shocked for what?

  17. Wow! I'm rather shocked.

  18. Respect is something you must earn, it is not guaranteed regardless what you do or say.That said, what "evolution"? Your average Linux desktop is a lame copy of Windows and MacOSX, with the more common applications that on average are 10 years behind the commercial counterparts. When they exist.Oh yes, you have 40 text-mode Internet browsers in Linux. How cool. So you can see the Internet the way it used to be in the '70s. But in the same time you don't get the right video resolution or you must set the network editing 100 text files or you install Flash and the audio goes mute. This is evolution indeed.The smartest Linux distro ever created (Gentoo) asks you to download the source and compile it before you install. I've tried it once. Something like a week to get the basic system running. Then I finally understood that the whole Linux universe is ruled by craziness.

  19. Maybe you meant "respect is something you GET regardless you deserve it or not". Anyway this is another nonsense because you don't deserve something you should not get it. I don't understand this need to equalize everything, like there isn't right or wrong.

  20. Maybe I was not clear enough.Respect is something I give regardless I deserve it or not.

  21. Respect is something you give regardless you deserve it or not.

  22. And you seem to believe it has got some meaning.Like somebody should care of your "respect" when you don't deserve "respect" yourself.

  23. I am sorry. This is way off topic.

  24. I think we should call an end to this because it's petty and a real downer.Later. Today the dentist.

  25. Good luck :)I hate it.

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