our connection to the cyber underworld

I enjoy looking at pictures of what people have for computers and working online. I especially like the computers that are online yet half taken apart, beat up, particularly old, etc. Please post links or pics of what you have, if you like.

Here's a little photo tour of what we use right now in all its dirty glory. I did not clean up for this photo session. Each pic is clickable if you need to see a larger size. Just click "all sizes" once you land on the flickr page.

Image #1: This is Brian's elderly laptop, a Sony Vaio. We've lost count of how old it is. It's still running beautifully with Kubuntu 8.04 on it, the Hardy Heron. Notice the Palenque desktop wallpaper.

The Laptop

Image #2: My dusty 4-year old tower built by a local store called Intrex. It's never had the pleasure of running Windows. It's had Debian, then a long run of Slackware, then finally Kubuntu 8.10. It has an AMD something in it, and an ATi Radion something or other video card. I can't remember without looking them up.

Dusty Computer Tower

Image #3: My dusty tower again. I really do take it apart and clean it often, I'm just out of the cans of compressed air right now.

Dusty Computer Tower

Image #4: Snakes and wires everywhere! All that lovin' to and from my opera comes through these. 🙂 Some other types of lovin' also flow through these cables from time to time. 😆

So many hooks and wires

Image #5: A messy desk is a good thing! I sit here to do my stuff. 😉

The net station

Image #6: Ah, the KDE desktop is so purdy. It's KDE 4.1 running on Kubuntu 8.10, the Intrepid Ibex.

KDE Desktop

4 responses to “our connection to the cyber underworld

  1. Thanks. Hard to see on my opera mini, but I'll be home tomorrow.

  2. Here's a camshot of the pda, below a pic of the desktop, uncleaned as well.

  3. Nice daxonmacs. I'm at home and can see!

  4. Your setup is col too, slackwrdave.

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