Avatars are more popular then ever, it seems. They can be how you look, or how you WANT to look. I made this one on Yahoo. Very sad fella, but cute.

8 responses to “avatars

  1. :love: the rainbow tshirt and peace chain.

  2. oh me too. so sweet.

  3. But why are you sad?

  4. Oh, I dunno. Cause I don't look like the avatar, lol.I might have to get me a peace pendant though. I love the John Lennon specs, too, though that gets done to death sometimes. The thick mop of brown hair on my avatar is yummy. *sigh*

  5. There is one problem, the avatar looks like Forrest Gump's girlfriend when he comes back from Vietnam. Just shorter hair.

  6. Maybe he's a tad androgynous, though sometimes I like that in a man. 😉

  7. He is outdated mostly.

  8. Stop throwing sour grapes at my baby! He's sad and needs building up. :awww:

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