i have a week off. what should i do?

I can't get a coherent plan together at all.

Maybe some of these will happen:

  • mow the yard.
  • cook on the grill.
  • watch an Ava Gardner movie.
  • drink some beer.
  • download!
  • chat with some good friends from my opera.

Any suggestions? 😉

5 responses to “i have a week off. what should i do?

  1. Dont worry about the accent. All are welcome as long as you're legible (couldn't think of another word in connection with listening.) 😛

  2. You are the man, selurus! That looks like such a good thing.I just have one reservation………….I have a thick southern accent and would probably be laughed out of town. I suppose some people would tolerate it if reading Huck Finn, Uncle Remus, or even Lo que el viento se llevó!

  3. Have you considered recording for librivox?

  4. "Capable of being deciphered". That'll work!Which word(s) would describe "verbally legible"? Articulate?I like the origins of words: etymology. wordsmith.org has a nice free "word-a-day" e-mail list.It might be a good time to link to librivox as well.

  5. I generally use merriam-webster they have got sound files to help you pronounce words correctly, really helpful :yes:let me know when you've recorded something on librivox.

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