i just felt like some trance

I found some nice dance music at jamendo.com called H@rder Generation by DJ's Team Project from France. If you want to move your body, go ahead and get it. It's a free, legal download licensed under Creative Commons, so you can do what you want to with it (see the license on the album page though). You can download it in ogg format :up: …or mp3. You don't have to register, just fetch it in.

Have fun….and move yourself around a little to the beat. 🙂 Grab an ice cold beer and hit the dance floor. :beer:

16 responses to “i just felt like some trance

  1. All is ok here. I always think of you. Your pics are so tranquil and relaxing.

  2. Hi dave where is your netive place ?

  3. Hey. I'm in North Carolina USA.

  4. Hi davemay be say good night right.There is morning in india.

  5. I just finished sleeping 8 hours and it is morning here again. Time for a good coffee.

  6. Ok good morning to you.I think Indian and USA time does not match.Dave I know, I don't say good english. Sorry for any mistake in my massage. Please try to understand my massages.I hope you will.Ok by see you later.

  7. Thanks dave for support.Please tell me what's easy method of learn prafect english.You can mail me at. pawanpurohit29@yahoo.inok by.

  8. Don't worry about your English. I like to help my friends practice it. You do not have to be perfect to be understood. Have fun! I will be here. 🙂

  9. When I was learning a second language, I used a combination of books, newspapers, TV, movies, net chat, talking with people, music, classes, many different things. My Spanish will never be perfect, but at times it has been very good. There are so many different ways to learn. Sometimes I even felt that drinking in bars helped. The drinks helped me overcome some nervousness with the language. Be careful of the side effects if you use the last method. 😉

  10. Hey Dave,I will use your method leaving last method.Because I don't drink.Dave, What's your age ?I'm 20 years old.

  11. Hi Dave, you have some chatting here.:yes: I like the thing about drinks that help with learning English.

  12. Hi Pawan. I'm over 40. 😉 I like having friends of all ages: young, old, and everything in between.

  13. Hey Mike. Later I'm going to type up a funny story about tequila and learning Spanish in Mexico. When I get home this weekend and on the computer, I can blog better.

  14. I am looking forward to hear that story about tequila.

  15. Hi,davehow are you ?Dave please see my blog and say how that is ?See you soon.

  16. hi pawan. nice pic of you over there. :up:

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