mini cooper, opera mini 4, opera 9.5, and internet bliss

Every time I discuss the Opera Mini browser with reedplayernc (whose Mini Cooper is pictured here), I think about what Opera Software did with those cute Mini Coopers for the Catalan Job.

We loved those Opera Minis. Did you drive one Espen? 🙄 It's such a clever play on words, Opera-Mini-Cooper. Everybody loves a Mini, both the Cooper and the Opera ones. Everybody loves Espen.

I FINALLY got a cell phone that will run Opera Mini 4, and it's been a real treat. I've run Opera Mini 3 on my older phones, but release 4 has the wonderful "synchronize Opera" feature that the desktop version 9.5 does. Setting up bookmarks on a cell phone can be a bit of a pain in the ass, so it's so nice to be able to do it at home and sync everything up that way. The Opera "speed dial" is super handy on a cell, once again easier to set up on the home computer, then just send it out to the Opera Mini on the phone. Them Opera people done good!

w00t! It's bliss, just like riding in a Mini Cooper. :happy:

Now that I have a decent cell phone with a QWERTY keyboard, I need to get some sweet text messages! :heart: Go ahead, send me one. :up:

2 responses to “mini cooper, opera mini 4, opera 9.5, and internet bliss

  1. Opera Mini 4 is amazing. I didn't want to buy an expensive smartphone or PDA type phone, so among the less expensive models I picked one that would run Opera Mini 4. I guess Opera Software knows that their browser is somewhat driving which phones people are buying.Sprint (usa) just introduced the Samsung Instinct touchscreen phone, and the web forums are all buzzing with questions as to when Opera Mini 4 will be ready for it. It seems to be one of the more sought-after applications.I didn't get the Instinct, however. It would have required an expensive plan change……and Opera Mini wasn't ready for it yet!I got a moderately priced LG that has a nice keyboard in it. It's fun.

  2. Same here! I usually phone surf with images off, or reduced size. Saves agony. I'm a text man and a reader anyway. Makes me feel smarter, lol.

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