lizards on my truck tire

I was in Jacksonville, Florida, this past week for my job, and one morning this was on my truck tire. I didn't check to see if he jumped off before I drove away. :awww:

Lizard on Truck Tire

Lizard on Truck Tire

3 responses to “lizards on my truck tire

  1. oh :(you converted the poor lizard into the energy according to E=mc^2 😀

  2. It might be ok to convert the lizard directly into energy by eating it. Maybe they taste like chicken?Nice to see you Morteza!

  3. "Lizard on truck tire"—- Is that good or bad sign ? — If some cat cross the road, then it is considered as a bad sign in most of the bangali community… How Stupid ! ..Some times I have crossed some one's road , and after a few seconds he made an accident with the lightpost .. Hi hi

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