our trip to DC nearly over – united states holocaust memorial museum

The postcards are all mailed and we're packing up to leave this wonderful hotel room we've had since last Monday.

We're posting a lot of photographs and videos of our trip on flickr.

One of the more serious things we did on this vacation was to visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Wikipedia also has information on this museum. It's a serious place. I've known about the Holocaust almost all my life, and this museum made my throat close up on me a few times. 3 hours is the bare minimum you need to tour it. It's a crushingly busy place, too. Don't miss it if you're ever in Washington, DC.

Several years ago I visited the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. See the Wikipedia information here. It's another once-in-a-lifetime chance to see something great if you're ever out that way.

Both places will keep perspective in your life.

10 responses to “our trip to DC nearly over – united states holocaust memorial museum

  1. You were not forgotten. That would not happen, cause you're a fave! :happy: If I ever find myself in Budapest, I'm gonna visit that museum.

  2. Hi Dave, I have just received your postcards, i like those presidents. Thank you. You are a real merkin.:D

  3. Hey Mike, I thought you might like the postcards of those 2 presidents. There was also one of Bush in a dress (in drag), but I assumed you would like the more serious version. I had a lot of fun sending out postcards to so many places.'Merkin is that president's way of saying American. It's the usual speech difficulties he has. The female pubic wig, this is new to me, lol.As it's the end his last term, we are now in the season of "parting gifts", the giving away of public money, rights, and well being, though this process has been more continuous than usual. :yikes: Who's the next contestant on The Price is Right!?!?

  4. ewwww. lol

  5. Thanks Dave, i liked it.

  6. No problem, Mike. You're cool, and I like ya. Even if you like "those trickle down presidents", we're still gonna be good friends. 😎 Even though under the current polarized popular culture I would be described as very liberal, one of the presidents that interests me the most was Nixon. He was weird and a great case study of how unusual people can be. Though he was mean, petty, paranoid to the extreme, corrupt, etc., there was this strange real human being underneath. He would cry and sweat on the television. I was a kid when he was pres, and he and the Watergate thing had a big impact on my early politics, all the way up until the present.I also have had interests in things considered strange by a lot of people on this side of the water. Though I didn't ever want to be a Soviet, since I was a child I always watched with interest and awe the space program, the giant parades, and the larger-than-life leaders from there. Everything was so large, grand, and sometimes so weirdly secretive. I was always fascinated.

  7. Hi Dave, you know we were very proud to be the Soviets. They told us that we were the best, but i didnt care about it because i was a kid 15 years old. Now its the history. Like it or not. The world has changed a lot since that time. And now i am very glad that i have a friend from the USA. At least i hope so.:) I want to send you a postcard too. Give me an address where to send it.

  8. Hi Mike,Sending the address by private message. I'll be weirdly secretive!Getting back to the Soviet space program, I think Yuri Gagarin was my favorite. I think he was the one, that before his famous first orbit of the earth, instead of a long departing speech, he just said "I'll be back!". Funny!As for NASA, my favorite thing about the Gemini and Apollo years was Walter Cronkite on CBS television. Walter was a great broadcaster for the space program and made it interesting and understandable for everybody. It was some great television. I think he cried slightly when the first moonwalk was made.

  9. The poster, nice12, was earlier on here as hamdely1. This is twice today that I've had to clean out my blog from his/her posting. I realize that tension is high from Israel going on another rampage recently, but my visit to the holocaust museum does not mean that I'm on anybody's side, or against anybody's side.I just want the killing to stop. As usual, our "leaders" in DC are talking shit again. 😦

  10. Nancy Pelosi (Speaker of the House) has been especially nauseating through all this. It's obvious she's trying to keep her PAC (Political action committee) money coming in. They all have to pass "the test." Hillary did it with gusto, Obama did what he had to, but they all did it.I agree about the audio and the static.Years ago when TV's had a "click" channel dial with a fine tuner, you could slide the TV in between channels. It was fun to have the video of a televangelist with the audio of a Warner Bros. cartoon. Wonder why I just thought of that? 🙄

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