taking a leak at the white house

I had to go really bad, so here I am asking at one of the gates to the White House. Shockingly, there was no toilet paper in there! :p

David at a White House Gate

10 responses to “taking a leak at the white house

  1. I like that pic. They dont use toilet paper in there.:yikes:

  2. Yeah, I had to go to the bathroom there so many times, they let me have a key so I could just let myself in.Last time there was a 4-pack of Scott's with the Presidential Seal on each sheet in there.lol :p

  3. Presidential Seal-WOW.

  4. Yes, on each sheet, so you could wipe with the president!lol

  5. Thanks for the postcard!! That was fast!! I almost felt like being in the USA! (That is, because we are almost an unincorporated territory 😛 ). Now I can feel proud to be an American!! 😥

  6. You're a good 'Merkin, Foxy!I was pleased to send you a postcard. It takes a little longer to get them down there to Columbia (that's south of Charlotte, right?). lol.You know I know you're in Colombia! :up: We play well together.

  7. What are u seeing ? … Looking for help !

  8. Yes, help is needed from inside there, but they are a little evasive about it.

  9. Ho ho hi hi …

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