toilet repair on a lazy saturday

A super hot Saturday is always a good day for handyman projects. Inspired by Naomi's post on faucet repair, and the need to save money, I've worked on this toilet 3 times in the last month. First it started to not shut off properly, so I replaced the valve and ball float with a nicer device that let's the water run into the tank full-speed until it's full. No more "sitting around" waiting on the tank to slowly approach full for that second flush (or 3rd, lol). I knew I should have bought the combo pack that included the flapper valve, but I didn't think it needed one. Sure enough, after replacing the shutoff valve, the flapper went bad, so I had to go back to the store again.

Then the seat cracked. Back to the store again. I was surprised to see that a new seat cost just short of $5. How do they do that in China? Where does the wood come from, and how are the labor conditions that such a large item can be made and shipped halfway around the world and sell for so little? Anyway, I just need a place to "sit", so I brought it home. At less than $5, I could afford to treat myself to a new seat almost monthly!

It was a lot of fun removing the old seat with nearly a decade of crusty urine under the flanges. It was an easy job. I did not permit the camera to be around during the process in case I accidentally showed 12" or so of plumber crack.

I then began to think of funny things to do with the old seat, like throwing it up into a tree or out in the front yard. Why is it not that rare to see old toilet seats hanging from tree limbs? I also could have gone to the cemetery with it and propped it up against a headstone for laughs.

Anyway, it was in the yard for a moment for a quick pic, then into the trash. Unlike some of my neighbors, I don't haul trash to the sidewalk until the night before trash pickup day. There are so many around here that haul trash out the day after the truck has passed by, leaving it out there for a full 6 days. I'm too dignified for that. Instead, I like to blog about commodes!

Above top: the old seat out in the yard.
Above bottom: the new throne seat installed.

One response to “toilet repair on a lazy saturday

  1. 😆

    12" or so of plumber crack

    Hehe I know that image all too well.5$ that's probably cheaper than the toilet paper.

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