linux fun over the weekend

Anytime is fun time with the Linux boxen. My desktop and Brian's laptop needed some Gutsy Gibbon to Hardy Heron Kubuntu action this weekend, so I fetched in the iso image for the CD so that I could upgrade both for one download. I like to use BitTorrent to fetch in those large files so that I'm not troubling any one server for the bandwidth.

Yeah, my name on myopera is slackwrdave, and I did run Slackware for over 10 years, but with release 12, I felt like it had become too much trouble. I won't go into details, but there was way too much headbanging over a few little niggling problems, and the official documentation was conflicting and usually outdated. I needed something I could help Brian administer over the telephone, as he travels a lot, so the Ubuntu/Kubuntu thing looked like a winner.

Getting under the hood a lot with Slackware really made customizing and tweaking Kubuntu a total breeze. Yup, we're KDE addicts, so we do Kubuntu, but the Gnome based Ubuntu is nice, too.

Anytime is fun time with these Gnu/Linux boxes! They run like a dream. :yes: It still amazes me that I can download and install an entire operating system without having to have permission to do it, AND it's primo stuff. They are free, too, free as in "without charge", and free as in "without restriction". Ain't they cool. 😀

This is what it's all about, and this, plus you get to have a whole lotta fun!

Free, free, free. Doncha wanna be free baby? lol

7 responses to “linux fun over the weekend

  1. Interesting. I've been intending to switch at least some of my computers to Linux, and experimented briefly with Fedora Core 4, but have drifted back to Windows. Perhaps now is the time to try again.

  2. Hey musickna,Thanks for the post. Yeah, it could be a good time to try again. I've heard good things about Fedora. Ubuntu/Kubuntu sure make it painless though. Over the years I even found Slackware to be quite easy once I got used to it. I'm no guru, I just somehow got the basics down pretty well on slack over time and even developed a bit of a flair with it. I lot of people complain that U/Kubuntu are too simple/easy/whatever, but I've found that they're adaptable to your needs and knowledge, just like all the others are. Use what tickles your fancy, and after 10+ years of slack, the *buntus are ticklin' me. 😆 A friend once told me to just pick one and stick with it awhile. I think he sensed that I kept jumping around a lot while not ever getting very far with any one distro. They all are Linux underneath, but the installation and management can be quite different from one to another.Windows 95 was actually the last version of Windows that I actually paid for, though I've had to keep up with the later ones some to help friends and family. By swearing it off, it made me feel a lot more natural on the Linux boxes.I try to avoid direct comparisons of Windows and Linux as their strengths and weaknesses are in different areas. I also try to be sensitive to my friends who may have no interest in it. It took me awhile to get that down, lol. 😀

  3. More helpful info! Thanks a lot. You are absolutely right about various OSes having strengths and weaknesses, and I get PO-ed by the partisans of whatever stripe. Nice to see a balanced opinion here! :yes:

  4. 😆 I use a Mac at work and PCs at home, and – shock, horror – like them as well as each other for slightly different reasons. 🙂

  5. I've had people attack me in the past, and I didn't like it. I also pissed off a good friend badly over something as silly as a computer OS. It just hasn't been worth it to be a zealot. I still have my feelings and opinions on the matter, I've just learned to tame it down over time.BTW, unless you hate Macs, it's best to leave now. JUST KIDDIN! I was aiming for some shock value there. :eyes:

  6. **GASP!**Please tell me you don't run Internet Explorer anywhere. One of those Mac browsers, OK, just not IE! :no: LOL. If we keep this up, we can make it totally funny!:yes:

  7. No kidding – the computer users that shocked a generation!:D

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