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2018 girl scout vegan cookies – if you wanna

If you want vegan Girl Scout cookies for 2018, the list looks good. While I am finding the Peanut Butter Sandwiches to be close to nasty, the Lemonades are superb. I’d almost swear them to be French. The others I have not tried. Check the maker. Different parts of the USA might have one other than ABC.

Does ABC Bakers offer any vegan ingredient or Gluten-Free cookies?

Yes, we have five cookies made with vegan ingredients: Girl Scout S’mores™, Lemonades™, Thanks-A-Lot®, Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties®. We also offer the Gluten-Free Trios Girl Scout Cookie, which is certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization, produced in a dedicated gluten-free facility, and meets a 10 parts per million standard set by the Gluten Free Certification Organization.

While our cookies made with vegan ingredients do not contain any animal product ingredients, they may be produced on equipment that is also used to produce items containing dairy ingredients.

omg the rudeness

The audacity of people on tumblr disabling downloading of pics they stole anyway. Shoot, if it’s on my screen, I can save it to my disc.


sunday services

I meditate better in church if I go in with a slight tequila head throb.

press that easy button

A little quickie I whipped up with the Gimp and some images from RT as I listen to some relaxing music. The pink is a nice touch.

Trump Kim Jong Un easy button gimp created image





the stick is blue


A smack of jellyfish.

A snark of Davids.